The Importance of Localised Social Media Marketing

Many small businesses ignore the potential of social media in marketing their business—It takes up too much time, the return is not worth the effort, we don’t really understand what it can achieve. All of these are understandable concerns. But the effects of social media are still on the ascendency and are changing the way everyone communicates, which means small businesses who do not get on board will definitely miss out.

Quality over Quantity
Like all marketing, targeted social media marketing is more effective than trying to spread across multiple channels. Quality is a better aim than quantity. Post regularly and make each post meaningful and valuable to your customer.

Engage with the community
The potential of social media is to turn your customers into a virtual sales team. Social media is driven by conversations which are a two-way street. Post outgoing messages but respond to incoming messages too. Engage with influencers in your industry/business area.

There are plenty of marketing metrics that will help you identify where your customers interact on social media. Use these platforms to post clickable adverts. And invest in Google Adwords to help your site move up the search engine results pages.

Repeat your successes
Keep an eye on the results you are achieving via your social media marketing streams. Identify the things that working best and repeat them and exploit them. If something hasn’t worked or isn’t working, don’t dismiss it. Try and understand why it’s failing. Change it and mix things up a bit.


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