Ensuring Your PPC and SEO Efforts Work in Tandem

When it comes to crafting effective PPC and SEO campaigns, keyword research and insertion are everything. If you’re determined to make your business stand above the rest, mastering both is essential.

Are you using the right keywords?
Google’s keyword search tool is effective for pointing you in the direction of words that may relate to your business, but it can’t tell you which ones your customers are looking for. To achieve this, you need to put yourself in their shoes. Think about a problem they’ll type in when trying to arrive at your services or product as the solution. Change your keywords accordingly, and ensure both your copywriters and ad writers use them throughout PPC ads and your website for a consistent user experience.

Stop wasting money on the keywords you already rank for
If your website continuously ranks for a keyword, there may not be much use in targeting it with your PPC campaign. Around 62% of click-throughs come from organic search engine results, so if you need to fine tune your campaign to reduce costs, remove them from the PPC equation. Instead, focus on those keywords your competitors rank for, but you’re struggling to target.

Whether it’s your on-page SEO that’s struggling or you feel you’re wasting money on a PPC campaign that isn’t getting the results you need, speaking to an expert at WCS Solutions can resolve your woes.


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