Enhancing a Business’s LinkedIn Potential

The social media website LinkedIn has been seen as a more formal version of Facebook where the accounts are also resumes for employers on the prowl for fresh talent. That said, did you know that LinkedIn can also be coopted as part of your business’s social media marketing efforts? Here’s how to do it:


Highly objective content about your business and its product/service is one way to get people aware of what you can do for them. The posts on the company website’s blog can be automatically given a link on your LinkedIn page that helps direct the customer to the website itself. The same also applies for educational materials you make as Slideshare or Google Docs files. You can use the channel’s Trending Content tool to research for new content angles.


LinkedIn already offers a wide variety of tools you can use to interact with customers or companies you can see as potential partners in future undertakings. The Company Page search function helps immensely for the latter. Consider researching about and joining LinkedIn groups that are tailored around your specific industry or field. This will give you an opportunity to interact with other people or firms related to yours.


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