Do You Know Your Influencers?

Influencers are basically people, who are capable of affecting the decision of many. They usually come in the form of political personalities, celebrities, or famous athletes; however, influencers can also be an ordinary teenager or mom, who spends most of their time tweeting away to their hundreds, or even thousands of friends and followers.

If one of these influencers manage to re-post or re-tweet your post, you can expect an increase in your readers or site traffic almost immediately. This is the reason why a lot of social media campaigns these days target these influencers instead of the more general public.

What you need to do to attract these influencers is to first know who they are in your industry. These people are the ones who can be coined as “enthusiasts” and would often post about similar or related products to yours. After you’ve identified them, you need to carefully read about the things that they write about—what exactly is in your field that interests them? Determine what kind of topics attract their attention, and why. Lastly you should also know what platforms they use more often (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter).

Once you have all of these figured out, it will just be a matter of creating content that fits their style and interest, and then posting them in the correct platforms. If you did your research well, you should be able to get re-posts or shares soon enough.


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