Tips on Using Hashtags Effectively

With over 500 million tweets posted on Twitter every day, it seems almost impossible to get your brand message across due to the flood of other messages clamouring for attention. This is where hashtags could help you, since they could help in tagging your content, making it easier for social media users to look for it. There are countless benefits in using hashtags, so how can you make hashtags work for your social media marketing?

Make it Relevant

Every day, there will be one hashtag that will catch the attention of social media users everywhere. Keeping track of what’s trending among these users is one way to remain relevant, and this can easily be done by checking out the trending topics on Twitter. Utilising these trending hashtags on your content can help in improving your reach.

Avoid Overusing Them

Except for Instagram, where you can key in around 30 hashtags, you should only limit your hashtags to three, especially on Twitter. Using too much hashtags could only work against getting your message across, particularly on Twitter and its 140-character limit. Too much hashtags on a tweet could also crowd your post.

Consider Suggestions with Caution

Sites like Google+ might automatically suggest hashtags that you can use for your post, but this doesn’t mean that you should use them immediately. Instead, base the hashtags you will use from your knowledge of the current trending topics.


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