A Little Bird Told Me: Marketing with Twitter

Twitter lets your followers know about what you think or feel in 140 characters or less. While the micro-blogging platform is great for connecting with friends, family, and celebrities, it has also become a powerful internet marketing tool. Engaging your Twitter followers is a great way to build brand name recall.

Some brands encourage people on the network to tweet them any inquiries or feedback then respond to these tweets in real time. Doing so takes customer service to the next level and also establishes warmer connections with followers.

Since a lot of people are visual, it would also be a great idea to post relevant photos and videos on Twitter. Multimedia tweets get re-tweeted and foster engagement better than those that consist purely of text. It is easy enough to add a photo or video to a tweet on any device, so this should be an easy task.

Replying to customers’ tweets right away and tagging their tweets as favorites encourage them to form a positive impression of your brand, which fosters further engagement. Meanwhile, you can also reach out to users who have yet to become your followers by adding the appropriate hash tag with every tweet. This way, you can reach out to more of your target audience and initiate a Twitter conversation with them.


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