Tips for an Improved Pay Per Click Strategy

Pay per click may sound simple enough, but a wrong approach or strategy can result in a failed or ineffective campaign. The right strategy and mindset, however, can increase exposure and click-through rates.

Keywords are the bread and butter of PPC, and one of the biggest mistakes is settling for broad keywords instead of a specific keyword. While a broad keyword may entail a larger exposure, it may also bring in irrelevant traffic to the site. With pay per click, remember that you pay every time someone clicks on the ad. Some uninterested Internet users may be directed to your site and end up abandoning it, which only leads to wasted advertising dollars.

On the other hand, a specific keyword or phrase will ensure that only those looking for that search term will end up seeing the ad. Since your target keyword falls within the user’s search parameters, this means anyone who clicks on the ad shows some interest and may be a potential customer. In other words, the keywords you choose to target must reflect what potential customers will most likely type into a search engine when looking for products related to your industry.

Another important part of the keyword is the geo tag. In the case of small businesses, attaching a location to a target keyword helps make the ad visible to those looking for products or services within a specific area.


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