Pinterest: For Inspiration and Marketing Too

Pinterest came onto the social media scene back in March, 2010. It was where people can get inspiration from the different “boards” that can be found on the network which can be images, videos, and quotes, among other things. It has grown in popularity and users over the years.

Today, just like Facebook and Twitter before it, it has also become a venue for online marketing. The main objective here is to make sure users would “pin” your posts. One way of accomplishing this is by ensuring that the images are of good quality and are pleasing to the eye. Creating quality boards will also encourage people to check them out and return to them every now and then.

A good tip is to include price tags in the pins that are created. This will encourage a purchase and would also make people curious enough to visit the website. It is important, however, to not overtly push products. You should also make pins that would inspire them to buy, such as images that feature a product and creative ways to use them. For example: a clothing company can feature pins of people wearing their designs. This is a creative way of marketing and would also serve as a guide for customers who are looking to buy or who have already made a purchase.


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